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By 2030, our planet will be home to more than 8.5 billion people, mostly living in cities. In-addition, life expec­tancy is continuously increasing in both the developing and industrialized nations.

In light of these developments, how can we meet the growing demand for energy without degrading the environment? How can we have the future of manufacturing so that more and better goods can be produced using fewer natural resources? How can we safeguard and improve the mobility of people and goods?

Innovation can make a major contri­bution to mastering these challenges and this is precisely where our oppor­tunities lie.



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whether you have a commercial building, personal office, home, or only your own room, we can provide the best smart solutions for you, with highest quality and lowest cost.

Our Specialization

We offer a wide-range of flexible and scalable products to create ideal controlled environment, from one room to huge towers.
Industrial Automation​

Providing high quality and low cost products.​


Fixing mulfunctions and maintaining systems up and running.​

Smart Home & Office​

Providing futurestic and convenient life style for home and office owners.​


Controlling & monitoring of the HVAC, Lighting, Pumps, etc.​


Site planning, Drawings creation or review, and Execution supervision.​

Networks & Eletrical Works​

Professional planning and execution of network, power and control cabels.​

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Our Expert Team

A highly qualified and motivated work­force, is the key to our success. Innovative thinking and practices are needed to attract and retain the best people to work for us. Only if our people are highly qualified and intensely committed can we offer world class products, services and solutions. In Takeeb training and education to develop the skills and knowledge are top priority . Employee development is crucial for the creation and implementation of technol­ogy - based solutions for our customers. Our corporate culture is defined by our values.