Industrial Automation (BMS) Hardware

OCTOCON Controllers
& Field Sevices​

Our high quality, low cost, customizable BMS system provides automatic and remote control & monitoring for your HVAC, lighting, etc. which benefit from the cutting-edge up-to-date technologies to reduce costs in-terms-of power consumption and maintenance, and will increase equipment life span.

Industrial Automation (BMS) Software

OCTOCON Operator Interface​

We believe that a simple and fully functional interface, that allows operators to monitor and control the building’s equipment, and receive the alarms in timely manner, is essential in a successful BMS system.
our system’s interface is customizable which enables our customers to design the most suitable interface that serves their needs, and their special environment.

Residential Automation

Smart Home & Office Systems

With our affordable smart home and office systems, Automatic on/off and controlling your AC, lighting, etc. from anywhere, will never be easier, providing piece of mind and energy saving for perfect life style.

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